The story Behind GRIEF DIRECTORY

The Grief Directory .org website was originally started by Andrew McCluskey, Nicole Paulus and Molly Taylor in 2016.

“2015 was a tough year, the loss of close family members threw us into the world of grief. We believe that by bringing everything together in one place and creating image and information rich entries, it would make it easier for a person to get the help they need faster and more efficiently”.

Since 2023, The Grief Directory has enlisted expert guidance and resources to continue the mission.

Grief comes in waves (poem)

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide compassionate support, resources, and guidance to individuals navigating the complex journey of grief. We aim to be a trusted and comprehensive online directory that connects those experiencing loss with relevant services, communities, and information to aid them in their healing process.

Through our carefully curated directory, we seek to connect users with grief counselors, therapists, support groups, and other professionals who specialize in grief and bereavement.

We also aim to highlight relevant educational materials, articles, and online communities to foster knowledge, resilience, and empathy.